libosmscout and TravelJinni now working under Windows, too

Just a short notice that with the recent Illumination and libosmscout changes, TravelJinni is now working under Windows, too (see screenshot below). Drawing speed however is by far not as fast as under Linux: I assume that the reason is cairo. Under Linux I use 1.9.8, while under Windows I have to use 1.8.10. 1.9.x has a number of performance optimizations, 1.8.x does not have. Also likely the Windows specific code is not as optimized as the X11 code maybe. Implementing a backend for Qt as one of the next steps may not be a bad idea 😉

The TravelJinni demo wich is part of libosmscout under Windows.

TravelJinni under Windows


One Response to “libosmscout and TravelJinni now working under Windows, too”

  1. Mr Sid Says:

    Hi Framstag.
    I like your post so much. I sure you are good developer. Now, I’m implementing software for openstreetmap use Libosmcout. I hope recieved your support.


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